Active Deterrence

Utilize a versatile security system featuring customizable red and blue flashing lights and a powerful siren: Lights: Choose from three flash rates (Low, Medium, High) and adjust stay time (5 to 30 seconds). Siren: Access 25 built-in alarm sounds or upload personalized recordings (up to 10 seconds) in multiple formats. Speaker: Offers volume up to 110dB for maximum effectiveness.



Smart Light Switching

Homaxi security surveillance cameras provide an all-in-one solution, seamlessly switching between three lighting modes to address different scenarios in warehouses and workplaces. For areas with no specific light sensitivity, our devices support IR mode, ensuring clear monitoring footage at all times, safeguarding comprehensive surveillance around the clock. In regions requiring 24-hour full-color monitoring, our cameras seamlessly transition to warm light mode, enabling easy access to color images even during nighttime, providing detailed monitoring information. The smart illumination mode promotes environmental-friendliness and economic efficiency. For instance, when an alarm event occurs, warm lights turn on and the image switches to full-color recording, ensuring clear documentation of every detail and maximizing warehouse security.

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