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Homaxi, is a brand powered by Qualvision Technology, has focused in video surveillance industry over 10 years. We develop and supply innovative surveillance solutions that improve home security and business performance.

Today we are proud to be an industry leading high-tech company providing comprehensive security products, including HD Analog and IP cameras and recorders, video intercom systems, etc. Our unified cross-platform video management system utilizes a cluster of cloud servers, which provide secure and reliable remote services for over 5 millions users worldwide. Our products have been distributed through our local partners in over 50 countries including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

United with hundreds of technology and system integration partners, we are dedicated to enable a smarter and safer world.

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R&D Strength shanjiao
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Mission & Vision shanjiao
Mission & Vision
R&D Strength
Manufacturing advantages
Company Honor
Our Vision Our Vision
We together make safer world, let our children enjoy blue sky and green yard.
Our Mission Our Mission
Continue to invest in technology innovation, provide our partners with the best quality security products and solutions, protect the property of our business users, help them improve business efficiency and performance, at the same time protect our home users, giving them peace of mind for their property and their children.
Core Values Core Values
Our core values are deeply rooted in every aspect of our business, from people we hire, to our products and services, to our business partners and customers.
Customer First
Customer demands are the driving forces behind our development. We win trust and respect from customers by being responsive to their needs and requirements.
Integrity is our most valuable asset. behave honest and keep our promises.
We achieve more and become stronger when we collaborate and work together as team.
Basically it takes thousand hours of intensive practice for a a beginner to become expert in one specific field, so does a company.
Continuous Improvement
Rome was not Built in a day. Breakthrough is always resulted from incremental improvements day by day and year by year.
Embrace Change
The times produce their heroes., if you lose any opportunity, you will be nothing. We need to pay high attention to the change in the industry, to make arrangement ahead, to embrace the change."
We have over 200 R&D engineers, which comprise more than 40% of total employees. We have set up four R&D centers in China. In addition, we have established three joint innovation centers with Chinese top universities to transform innovative research into productive produces and solutions.
We have a mass production factory in Shenzhen, including SMT workshop, DIP workshop, assembling workshop, packaging workshop and silk mask workshop. We have a senior factory management team and more than three hundred skillful workers.
May 17,2022
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May 17,2022
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