Public Area

Corridor Mode

Homaxi's Corridor Mode is tailored for school hallways, optimizing monitoring efficiency in long, narrow areas. By minimizing wasted space in the conventional 16:9 format, this mode reduces blind spots and enhances visibility in critical areas, ensuring comprehensive surveillance coverage for school security.


Panoramic Surveillance

Homaxi's fisheye cameras are ideal for expansive areas like libraries and auditoriums, offering versatility and comprehensive coverage. One camera provides a complete 360-degree view, capturing every detail. With three imaging modes - fisheye, panoramic, and PTZ - Homaxi ensures flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and straightforward installation for dependable monitoring.


Smart Light Mode Switching

Homaxi's Active Deterrence and Smart Dual Illumination products excel in indoor campus settings, such as classrooms and libraries. They automatically switch between infrared mode and warm light/red-blue light mode based on human presence in the target area, ensuring seamless transitions between black and white and color images. This not only saves energy efficiently but also widens their range of applications in educational environments. Additionally, Homaxi products support customizable lighting schedules, further enhancing flexibility and practicality.

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