Immersive Panoramic Vistas with No Blind Spots

Our system offers a 180° wide-angle view, covering every corner of dynamic environments like school playgrounds without blind spots. With an ultra-wide 32:9 screen, it captures every detail in stunning clarity. Easily monitor student activities and promptly detect anomalies for enhanced campus security and peace of mind.


Active Deterrence

Our system utilizes flashing red and blue lights, alarm sounds, and two-way communication to effectively prevent campus violence and bullying, ensuring the safety of students and staff. When conflicts arise, the alarm promptly sounds, exposing criminal behavior under heightened warning and thwarting potential dangers. The two-way talk feature enables monitoring personnel to respond promptly and communicate with individuals on campus, effectively preventing incidents of campus violence and fostering a safe and harmonious learning environment.


Remote Control

The Homaxi View app enables monitoring personnel to receive instant alerts on their mobile phones, facilitating swift intervention to prevent incidents of campus violence. Additionally, the software is compatible with third-party cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, ensuring more flexible and secure data storage for guaranteed data safety. If needed, alarm recordings can also be shared with relevant teachers or parents via email or other social media platforms.

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