Perimeter Protection

Homaxi's smart perimeter protection solution is much more accurate and efficient than traditional methods. It provides 24/7 round-the-clock protection while significantly reducing labor and equipment costs. It's the most convenient and reliable choice for many different application scenario.


Short-range Perimeter Protection

After delineating specific area boundaries, integrating sound and light alarms, and leveraging both auditory and visual perception, we achieve active defense to deter intruders effectively, ensuring property security.

●Red and blue light flashing alerts

●Multiple alarm sound options available, with support for custom alarm sounds.

●Human and vehicle classification

●Integratable with monitoring center for 24/7 surveillance


Medium to Long-range Perimeter Protection

Medium to long-range perimeter protection demands enhanced intelligent functionalities to achieve labor and cost savings.

●PTZ auto tracking of human and vehicles;

●High-level zoom capabilities;

●Wider panoramic views without blind spots.

●Integratable with monitoring center for 24/7 surveillance



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