Apartment in San Bernardino, CA

Apartments in San Bernardino, CA



Homaxi recently provided video surveillance solutions for the apartment in San Bernardino, CA. The apartment in San Bernardino is consists of over 10 residents and it has a open parking lot behind it.

video surveillance solutions



Homaxi provided a whole video surveillance system with smart dual illumination Turret cameras, covered the entrance, corner, and 8 Channel 8 PoE NVR for management and video recording. Highlighted Camera and technology: Model ID: IPC4TF4R4-I1-TMCR The intelligent dual-light camera offers high-quality imaging options with resolutions of 4MP and 8MP. Its 120 dB WDR technology ensures clear imaging even in strong backlight conditions. Additionally, it provides three intelligent lighting modes, including event full color, 24/7 full color, and standard IR imaging. Moreover, the camera features IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof capabilities, along with a built-in microphone for real-time audio security, providing comprehensive monitoring capabilities for various environments.

video surveillance solutions  video surveillance solutions

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