WDR+ Technology

WDR+ technology includes two important technical points, three frames in one and dual gain. Three frames in one technology can make the image clearer in the case of high contrast. Dual gain technology is used to solve the problem of virtual shadow in the image.


Three frames in one Technology


Three frames in one technology uses three exposure levels, high, medium and low, outputs three frames of data, and synthesizes them into a clear picture. The dynamic range in the picture can reach 100dB, and the objects in the dark and bright parts can be clearly displayed, which is conducive to target recognition in some key monitoring scenes.



Dual Gain Technology

Dual gain technology solves the problem of ghosting caused by multiple frames, especially for fast-moving objects. The ghosting problem has been greatly improved and the image is clearer.


Other advantages of using WDR+

1. Reduce the noise in the image and show you a cleaner image

2. Provide more realistic images and restore real colors.

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